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Interiors elements that create a suggestive atmosphere and increase the value of the interior environments, producing at the same time a pleasant heating. These can be installed in every environment, without the need of flue.

These products are powered by a natural fuel derived from biomass (Bioethanol). The Bioethanol is an ethylic biological methylated alcohol, obtained from biomass  like corn, potatoes, sugar-beets, etc.

The ethanol fireplaces don’t need a flue because these consume a renewable and not polluting fuel. The main spec of this kind of combustion is that it doesn’t  release any smell inside the environment and produce only a quantity of dioxide carbon (CO2) like the same produced from a person in the room; in particular it is an ecological system, because the quantity of CO2 emitted by the combustion is the same that has been absorbed with the chlorophyll photosynthesis from the vegetables used to produce the bioethanol.

The traditional fireplaces waste approximately 80% of the heat produced in the flue.

The ethanol fireplaces release the heat only in the environment where are placed and don’t require any electrical connections.




Standard range, 8 models to reply all kind of request and customers needs.

With our hi-tech production plant and hi-professional designers, we can face every type of request.

High quality fire unit, for every environment and need. Efficiency, Power and safety. The core of all our products.

Ethanol firepalces


You have an idea of how to make your ethanol fireplace? You're uncertain on the type of bio fireplace depending on your environment?

We can provide you all the advice you want, in order to give you the best solution that comply with your environment or your needs.

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